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Capturing the Spirit

"I constantly strive to develop my artistic abilities. My goal is always to reach for excellence with style, technique, and sensibility in a unique voice that captures the essence of my subject matter with truth."


Benjamin, age 3, riding his first horse, King,
with his older sisters Hollye and Angie

Benjamin Knox was born on April 3, 1968 in Lubbock, Texas and was raised on the family horse ranch on the isolated high plains of west Texas. At an early age he excelled at art, music, and sports and developed a love for nature with the many family trips to the backcountry of New Mexico and Colorado.

Benjamin launched his professional art career out of his dorm room due to financial necessity in 1988 while he was a sophomore member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University. His grasp of capturing the spirit of his subject matter coupled with his passion for design and detail, resulted in a distinct collage style for which he became known. Benjamin’s popularity as an artist multiplied while he was a student as he broadened his mediums to watercolor, acrylic, and oil and began offering artwork for other universities, landscapes, and western art.

By the time he graduated in 1993 with a degree in the college of architecture, he had already established a very successful gallery in College Station, Texas. In 2001, he designed a new landmark gallery facility next to the Texas A&M University campus that features the rebuilt historic College Station train depot (the namesake of the town destroyed in 1966). The gallery facility, boasting several large gallery spaces and a 100-year-old caboose, has become a premier location for special event rental. It also has a state of the art custom frame shop and unique wine bar.

Outside of his architectural classes, Benjamin was mostly self-taught as an artist, but his passion and life’s focus is art, therefore he began to seek out living artists that he could understudy with so that he could build a solid foundation to further develop his craft as an artist. Some of those artists include:Scott Christensen (landscapes), Dan Gerhartz (figurative), Bruce Greene (western), Martin Grelle (western), David Leffel (classical), Jeremy Lipking (figurative), Kevin Macpherson (landscapes), David Millard (figurative), Daniel Pinkham (color and emotion), Camille Przewodek (color), Stephen Quiller (color), Frank Serrano (plein air), Stephen Scott Young (figurative), and Robert Liberace (figurative).

Today, Benjamin is more focused and passionate than ever about his life as a professional artist. His unique artistic voice combines the harmonies of Impressionism and the dramatic melodies of Representational Art with the meticulous style and discipline that he formed during his collegiate architectural studies. Whether finished in the studio or in plein air, Benjamin uses his brush to orchestrate the tones, colors and values of a painting to create a beautiful masterpiece.


One of Benjamin's building designs - a 5,000sq.ft. home
in Pebble Creek

Benjamin is a naturalist and adventurer, and having lived in several mountain and beach towns, he is an expert snow skier, ocean kayaker, and mountain biker. He also enjoys playing the piano, writing songs, and designing buildings. Benjamin occasionally accepts commission requests for artwork or building designs, however acceptance of the request depends on the scope and timeline of the project and his availability.