The Creative Process

Before capturing the essence of his subject matter, Benjamin first assimilates as much information as possible so that he can accurately and poetically display the subject. He does this through the combination of art studies and research. His art studies generally consist of field notes, photography, quick sketches, and plein air (created at the site) paintings . Once enough research has been collected, Benjamin combines his art studies and research to finish the artwork in his studio.

While in his studio, he works on the final art piece with diligent focus and patience, using one of several mediums including pencil, watercolor, acrylic, or oil. When he feels that the art piece has reached his expectations and rigid requirements, he releases it from the studio to be exhibited and made available for sale.

Dependant on the subject matter, fine art prints are sometimes published from an original drawing or painting that Benjamin has created. This process is very meticulous and requires much attention to detail. Benjamin plays an active role in the printing process, maintaining quality, accuracy, and color consistency.

Benjamin, along with his picture framing staff, hand selects the framing materials to be used with his original art pieces and fine art prints.

Beating Bama

Beating Bama, Oil on Canvas