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Benjamin Knox Gallery

This fine art print is truly an "iconic Aggie image." Benjamin created the original in his dorm room with pencil in hand, while he was a senior in Squadron Three in the Corps of Cadets in 1990. It endures the test of time (over three decades) because the traditions depicted are still very similar today as when Benjamin lived them. Since his freshman year, he had created countless images for different Corps outfit t-shirts and prints to pay for his schooling, but this was his first art piece that depicted imagery of the Corps overall in a collage. It was also the first time he developed his signature "broken frame" concept; where the center piece (his boots as a still life here) is in a maroon frame that is open at the bottom, allowing other elements to be in a collage to move about and through the frame. It is soft and dynamic at the same time. Benjamin also included many of his corps buddies in the piece and did a self portrait (second from the right) in the boot line of cadets "Sawing Varsities Horns Off." This has become one of the definitive Aggie Corps of Cadets classic art pieces.  It is a cherished heirloom for thousands of Aggies and makes a treasured gift. Benjamin said, "When Aggies tell me about being in a fire or flood, the first possessions that they grab to save are their senior boots and their Benjamin Knox art pieces."

Image Size (WxH) 14"x19"
Print Type Lithograph
Artist Benjamin Knox
Medium Pencil
Year Released 1990
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