Benjamin at one of his signing events to help raise scholarship funds for the Aggie Moms  

Serving Your World Community

To date, the Benjamin Knox Gallery and Art Center has generated over 3.5 million in charitable and scholarship donations nationally. Benjamin donates art prints to help raise funds for countless organizations. That is part of our mission to serve your world community!


Benjamin Knox forged his professional art career out of desperation and necessity to pay for his living and college expenses. The economic recession of the 1980’s left his family bankrupt and out of money. There were times when he had to choose between having enough to eat or pay for his expenses, health insurance, and taxes, so he’d often go for weeks with little or no food. He truly was a “starving artist.” He was 100% on his own with no safety net. But he also realized that he was in control of his life and was driven with ambition to make something of it, even if it felt like the odds were against him. It was a very difficult time, and any financial or scholarship assistance that he received made a tremendous difference in helping to ease the burden.

During this cumbersome time, he forged a rugged entrepreneurial independence and business philosophy based on the business and inspirational books that he was reading. One of those books entitled See you at the Top by Zig Ziglar had a profound impact on Benjamin as a young entrepreneur. Zig stated, “I Believe you can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.” This brings one to the realization that ones potential can be endless. Even an artist can be very successful if you give enough people what they want!

Benjamin put this philosophy into action by donating his art prints to help charities, scholarship fundraisers, and churches even when he barely was making enough to survive. Over time he endowed the very scholarships that he received several times over to be perpetual so that others who are struggling and deserving can have the same assistance that he had. He started setting up yearly charitable campaigns, some bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthy causes. With each donated art item, more people learn about his art. It thus has a domino effect like marketing from the inside out. He started to gain more and more notoriety as an artist. Benjamin says, “I truly believe my recognition as an artist has grown exponentially due to all of the charitable and scholarship fundraising that I have continually been involved with over my life. It is very rewarding to know that my art is having a massive impact on helping others, especially when I started from very humble beginnings, financially with nothing but a dream.”


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