Original Creations

Blinn College Commission - February 2019

Commission Benjamin Knox to create your own rare, one-of-a-kind art piece:

"We commissioned Benjamin to create a beautiful oversized original landscape painting in oil on canvas that graces the entry way of our home. It is a conversation piece, and is enjoyed by everyone who sees it. We love it."

Debbie and John Bethancourt

Basic Price Range Structure for a Benjamin Knox Commissioned Art Piece

Size: Estimated Basic Price:
Black/White Color
Small (up to 10"x17") $1,200 $2,400
Medium (up to 14"x23" $3,000 $4,800
Large (up to 22"x30") $5,800 $9,000
Extra-large (up to 24"x40") $8,000 $12,000
Oversized (36"x48") $15,000 $24,800
Larger than 36"x48" (to be determined based upon the scope of the project)

To commission Benjamin Knox to design a home or building, please contact us at info@benjaminknox.com.


Listed are the basic estimated price ranges for a Benjamin Knox commissioned art piece by size and medium. The sizes are based upon estimated equivalent dimensions, and the format may vary by project to be smaller or larger contingent upon Benjamin’s artistic decisions to best represent the subject matter. The black/white medium is usually pencil or charcoal, and the color medium is usually oil painting on canvas or watercolor on paper. This will all be discussed in the introduction or discovery process. The price ranges shown are based upon the current market value for Benjamin’s commissioned artwork for single images. If you desire multiple images to be collaged, the price will be higher dependent upon the scope of the work that you are requesting. Due to Benjamin’s extremely limited availability to create commissioned artwork, this pricing structure will increase or may not be available in the future.


The process to request a commissioned art piece


  1. Submit your request with the commission form or at info@benjaminknox.com
  2. A Gallery associate will acknowledge the receipt of your request and give you a time schedule for a reply.
  3. Benjamin will review your request. You may be asked for more information from a gallery associate if clarification is needed. You will then be notified if your project will be a consideration to move forward into the discovery process or be put on a list as a possibility in the future.

Discovery Process:

  1. If Benjamin considers your request further, a time will be scheduled for Benjamin to discuss your concept with you.
  2. Benjamin will ask for pertinent information and reference material from you. If Benjamin elects to move forward, he will then create and present one or multiple rough concept sketches to discuss the scope of the project with you.

Contract Process:

  1. No commission is accepted until a final price to create the art piece is agreed upon, a contract signed between both parties, and a deposit secured. The deposit amount is 10% of the commissioned artwork price, which will be applied to the final bill. The final price to create the art piece will be quoted when the concept sketch, size, and medium for the project is agreed upon. The final price will be based upon the basic pricing structure, but the price may deviate because the estimated amount of time and work required to create your specific artwork may differ contingent on the scope of your project.

Also prior to the acceptance of the commission:

  • Benjamin’s possible creation of fine art prints from your art piece (if applicable) will also be discussed at this time.
  • Framing prices are independent of the commissioned art piece. Framing options and prices will also be discussed and decided before the acceptance of the commission.
  • Pick up or shipping options will also be decided upon before acceptance of the commission.
  • The copyright for the artwork will belong to Benjamin Knox, unless other arrangements are made prior to the creation of the artwork.
  1. A schedule with an estimated start date and completion date will then be assigned for the creation of your art piece. Please note that this could be several months or a year based upon the scope of the project and Benjamin’s availability and workflow.
  2. You will be notified before the start date of the creation process. Before Benjamin begins on your original art piece, an additional 40% of the overall commissioned artwork price is required. If you cancel the commission at anytime prior to the creation process, your deposit of 10% will not be refunded. Benjamin Knox has the sole right to cancel your commission and refund your money at any time.

Creation Process:

  1. If you cancel the commission anytime between the start of the creation process and completion date, your 50% of the overall commissioned artwork price will not be refunded and you will not receive your artwork.
  2. Visitation dates during the creation process of your commissioned artwork may be identified based on mutual availability.
  3. At the completion date of your commissioned art piece, the other half (50%) of the overall payment and any additional costs and fees (including framing and shipping) will be required before the art piece is released.
  4. A formal unveiling by Benjamin Knox may be requested and accepted based upon Benjamin’s availability.