Red, White, & Blue Game - Texas A&M University

Benjamin Knox Gallery

 Benjamin has been photographing the Aggie football games and traditions since 1995, and the September 22, 2001 game honoring the victims of 911 will go down in Aggie history as being one of the most amazing visual spectacles of all time. Benjamin climbed to the very top of the third deck to get these series of photos at half time, which he then used to compose this beautiful watercolor painting and fine art print. Five students started and organized the sale of thousands of red, white, and blue t-shirts in just 11 days to turn Kyle Field into a beautiful patriotic stadium. The sales of their venture went to the families of the firefighters, police, and service people that had lost their lives in 911. Special public signings of this print with the five students and Benjamin Knox were held at Kyle Field, and the sales from those signings helped the students reach their final goal.

Image Size (WxH) 23"x7"
Print Type Lithograph
Artist Benjamin Knox
Medium Watercolor
Year Released 2001
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