Bonded Aggie Rings/ Interlocking Aggie Rings

Benjamin Knox Gallery

This is a custom item, please email or call with ring years:


One of Benjamin's most famous creations in pencil, the Bonded Aggie Rings has become an icon of Aggie imagery. Benjamin created the idea for a friend while a student in 1989, and has been customizing the rings with people's years ever since. The art piece is still available for now, and Benjamin still hand draws each year in the ring, blending the pencil graphite with the lithographic print on Linen paper, resulting in a customized affordable work of art that makes a treasured gift and heirloom. The artwork also inspired the creation of the Interlocking Aggie Rings bronze sculpture by the class of '94, a Texas A&M University campus landmark in front of the Association of Former Students Building on Houston Street.

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