Texas A&M University - College of Agriculture Centennial Print

Benjamin Knox Gallery

Benjamin was commissioned to create this acrylic painting in 2011 for the 100th anniversary of the College of Agriculture at Texas A&M University. He superimposed the Aggie ring over the earth to show how Aggies are making a positive impact globally. The "A" on the ring, representing "Agricultural" is more reflective.The rising sun and growing plant represent life on earth; "Healthy plants, healthy people, healthy planet." The roots evolve from the DNA helix. The large original painting is on display in the lobby of the dean's office, and a giant acrylic mural of the painting is on display in the entrance of the Plant Pathology Building.

Image Size (WxH) 10"x10"
Print Type Lithograph
Artist Benjamin Knox
Medium Acrylic
Year Released 2011
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