Silver Taps

Benjamin Knox Gallery

This moody lithograph print represents the hallowed tradition of Silver Taps on the Texas A&M campus. The tradition is a tribute honoring Aggie students who have passed away during the month and is usually held the first Tuesday of each month during the semester. At 10:30 PM, the campus is darkened and the hundreds of students who have massed together are silent. The buglers play taps from atop the Academic Building, and the Ross Volunteers fire a 21 gun salute. Benjamin created the very large original painting in acrylic on canvas in collaboration with the Class of '98 as their official class gift to Texas A&M. As part of the project, For over two decades the parents of the students who are honored receive this fine art print through the Traditions Council. The original painting was displayed for years in Rudder Tower on the Texas A&M campus. When some renovations were made, it was moved to storage and the whereabouts of this historical painting is unknown at this time.
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